Kevera (Entertainment for this era!) is the next big thing in town that is turning a lot of heads and you, yes, YOU are in the right place and we welcome you to be a part of something great!
You might have seen other entertainment sites and might have found them to be a great way to pass your time. Behold, we have set our sights for something bigger! Integrating the best elements of all the existing entertainment sites, we also have some exciting, unique content which sets us apart from all our competitors! Basically, anything published on our site is termed to be a post. And, there may be seven different types of posts.

  • Articles – Stating the obvious, this includes literally anything and everything you can think and it may be about a person, place or simply what you feel at the moment about someone/something.
  • List – When you have a lot in your mind to say to support/agree/disagree with an idea or just talk about a lot of things relevant to a particular topic, you can use a list. This might be something trivial like ‘Top 10 reasons to watch ‘The Simpsons’’ to ‘Top 5 methods to make a nuclear warhead’ (P.S – Jk, or are we really? :P)
  • Pictures – This type of post may include memes, troll pictures, funny images or even those cool GIF animations, which you might have always wondered how to make!
  • Videos – Anything you want to share can be expressed using videos! This can again range from short home-made videos to videos taken from the top of the Alps!
  • Short Posts – Blah, blah, blah. There are a lot of impatient people in the world. Besides, how many have really got the time to read through a lot? If you are coming to Kevera to just get your humor fix or motivation in a minute, these short posts sure come in handy. This may be a quotation, short story or even a forwarded SMS joke (Err, SMS? Okay, WhatsApp. Nm, who am I kidding? Who uses forwards? Go crazy and pen your own jokes. Hehe.)
  • Quiz – To attract all the intellects out there and the not-so-much-brainy average Joes like me, we have a separate trivia quiz and also some personality quizzes, in which we take a (scarily) accurate guess about stuff like what kind of a person you are depending on your answers to a set of questions!

If you are still wondering how this is different from the other existing sites, wait, we are not finished! All our rivals hire expert content developers to create content for them. But, what we consider to be our biggest strength are the users! We trust our user base and believe it is their own content which can instantly have a reach to the other users as well. Every content you see on Kevera will have been developed by a user sitting in front of their computer at home, just like you are now! Let me get to the last two reason now and I have saved the best for the last! One really cool and unique feature that we are excited about is social apps.

  • Social apps are the next big thing on the Internet. You can create attractive, personalized content for each user based upon their friends, family, location etc. This provides a personal touch and no wonder people are flocking in large numbers towards such kind of apps. Kevera provides an intuitive, easy drag and drop UI to create your own social apps in less than 2 minutes! (Maggi who?) There can be four categories under social apps.
    1. Pics – This social app can generate a unique picture for each user based upon pictures of him, his friends, his school, which are all accessed from Facebook. Who doesn’t want to know which celebrity they will marry in the future or how their date with Emma Watson would go? ;)
    2. Article – Okay, none of the other sites offer this one. We can generate an entire article about you based only on your Facebook information and if it turns out half as good as this one, we consider it a win :P
    3. Quiz – Things cannot get better than this one. A global favorite, who doesn’t want to play a quiz where you get a personalized result depending on your answers?! So, next time you want to find out how much of a romantic you are, just visit Kevera!

Memes and trolls may have been the best things on the Internet but trust me, social apps are gonna hit you harder and real soon as well!

Enough about us! We don’t gloat (much). We hope we have convinced you about how awesome our ideas truly are and believe you share the same vision as us. Besides being super fun and interesting, you might start to wonder, why you would want to contribute for Kevera?

Apart from the amazingly proud feeling and gratitude from the Kevera family, you can also earn money for your valuable contributions. We use a revenue sharing system to share our profits with our most valuable partners – the users! Depending upon the amount of content you generate and the popularity of your content, we award you with a gracious amount of money for your efforts. What are you waiting for? Welcome to the Kevera family!